6 Eco-Friendly Earth Day Crafts for Kids

Earth Day

6 Eco-Friendly Earth Day Crafts for Kids

Earth day crafts for the growing kids would seem like the paradigm of a paradox since the young lives are being doomed with the diminishing standards of survival within this planet. Not everyone knows the fact that Earth Day is commemorated on April 22. Nothing would be better than investing quality time in some eco-friendly craft on this earth day. How can the activities pertain to the name of the day?

The three R’s would best to be implemented through the kids on this day rather than infusing them with the idea. The duty to keep the earth clean and safe has been bestowed upon these Gen-X kids, who are equally capable of building a secure future and sabotaging it. This Earth day, let us inculcate the good deeds within these children by sowing the seeds of wisdom. Here are a few ideas to make your child’s Earth day fruitful.

1.      Hanging Garden

Those plastic bottles that you leave to be crushed and recycled by the waste management municipality can be moulded into the perfect tiny garden. Slit the bottle on one side and hang it by tying a piece of strong thread to either side of the opening. Collect some soil and natural fertilizers and fill them in the bottle, after which you can plant a sapling or flower in it. Water it daily to bud into an organic smile. They can be hanged in the classrooms or school premises.

2.      Reusable Cloth Bag

The older kids who are familiar with sewing or are old enough to learn it can try this activity. Unusable or torn t-shirts are used here to make carry bags. Cut out the sleeves and close those openings and the neck opening by sewing. If any portions of the t-shirt is torn, make similar slits on it to make it look appealing. Also, slit two long openings at the bottom of the t-shirt to carry it easily.

3.      Egg Carton Tree

Used egg cartons can be used to make a paper tree at school or at home. Take those cartons and cut them into individual slots and paste them on a white cardboard piece. Paint the egg carton portions in green and the trunk in brown to illustrate a tree.

4.      Flexy Seating

Tyres can be transformed into comfy seats with ease. Paint them in any solid color and place a cushion with a cover that goes well with the color of the tyre. Slump into it to have an incredible reading experience.

5.      Superhero Cuffs

Color the toilet paper rolls and paste on them the superhero symbols made out of construction paper. Slide your hand right into it to fly high.

6.      Paint Paper Bags

Collect brown paper bags and turn them into canvases for kids. Make them paint the kits in their favorite colors and patterns. Bags with a handle can be hanged on the interior school walls to adorn the Earth Day with vibrancy.

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