The Greenest Festival in the UK

A festival to promote the nature, a place where one can understand the depth of the situation without having to feel the guilt of destroying. We want to promote a festival which shows different ways of how a festival can be fun while being aware of their surroundings. Bring your paintball gun for optimal fun.

Who Are We

We are a team on enthusiastic individuals who are willing to bring the required changes which will allow people to enjoy the moment rather than feeling discouraged.

Our Mission

Our mission to bring simple ways of bringing back the nature and love for it. We believe even a small individual step taken towards the environment can make a huge difference for the overall environment.


If you are wondering how to get into this festival for the nature, Click here are you will be taken to the right place to help you in the quest of getting your spot in the festival.


Music to lighten the mood and bring a change that one wants to see.


We have speakers who are trying to make their efforts in making the world a better place.


Crafts made from the nature to take you back to the needs of the nature.


TXTSpend a night amidst the wilderness to bring the effective change by going back to the roots.


If you are not aware, nature plays an important role in our wellbeing and we want to make sure it stays.


We will have a lot of stalls and cafe to get your daily dose of refreshments.